Micro-Dynameter 1963

This "scientific" looking but worthless machine was falsely promoted for diagnosing or curing many diseases and conditions. In court action the devices were found to have been worthless and hazardous to health when relied upon by patients.

Micro-Dynameter 1963 (3K)

On June 22, 1963, Commissioner Lerrick of the Food and Drug Administration called the machine "a peril to public health because it cannot correctly diagnose any disease. Mr. Lerrick charged "...thousands of patients are being hoodwinked by its use into believing they have diseases which they do not have, or failing to get proper treatment for diseases they do have." Over 1,200 of the devices were seized by the FDA or voluntarily destroyed by the practitioners.

The Micro-Dynameter is a string galvanometer - a rather simple device for measuring electric currents installed in this impressive cabinet. The machines sold for as much as $875 each. During a court trial, evidence was introduced that readings given by the Micro-Dynameter showed no significant differences between a cadaver and a living body.

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