The Microdynameter
Type A 1936

Microdynameter Type A, 1936 This 'Scientific' looking but worthless machine was falsely advertised as having great diagnostic properties and the ability to cure many diseases and conditions.  The copper dishes on the lower part of the cabinet were rubbed by the patient and the operator manipulated the dials above to provide a roving beam of light from the string galvanometer to the top curved gauge.  When this device was restored, it was discovered that there was no connection from the copper plates to the machine.

The machine has radio tubes visible in the two openings in the front to impress the patient that it incorporated the latest discoveries in science (radio).

Ellis Microdynameter Type A, 1' 8" x 4' 7" x 9.5". "In full chromium finish this office model is as outstanding in appearance as are its electrical functions in diagnostic and treatment procedure." Photo by J J and B Gaukel.


The ELLIS MICRO-DYNAMETER provides the physician with a new and penetrating insight into the pathological condition of the patient. . . . provides a new measure of disease and disease intensity . . . calibrates intensity, calibrates progress. . . and registers these findings visibly-readings as definite as those of a clinical thermometer.

The location of lesions becomes a matter of seconds with the MICRO-DYNAMETER. Foci of infection are readily disclosed. Exact, dynamic information, free from extra-body influences, unaffected by prejudice or opinion . . . information coming from the living source, is instantly given.

The MICRO-DYNAMETER goes still further- it introduces a new band of electric currents (microamperes) under measured control, which apparently possess unusual therapeutic power as has been demonstrated on difficult cases not amenable to other methods.

Manufactured and Sold by

Ellis Research Laboratories, Inc.

Manufacturers of Scientific Apparatus

Wrigley Bldg., 400 North Michigan Ave.,                                         Chicago

Micro-dynameter ad fom the American Medical Association's Historical Health Fraud & Alternative Medicine Collection.

Quack diagnostic devices remain in use today. See "Electrodiagnostic" Devices  and Fad Diagnosis by Stephen Barrett, M.D. at Quackwatch.

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