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Dinshah P. Ghadiali first presented the Science of Spectro-Chrome Metry to the world on April 26, 1920.  He claimed that by proper use of pure and intense colored light, patients could be cured of almost any disease - or rather, he claimed he could cure until the Medical Octopus seized him, told him that orthodox medicine owned the word "cure," and threatened him with dire consequences if he used it.  Thereafter he used the word "normalize."  To quote from Ghadiali's publication of the proceedings of his trial:

Prosecutor:  If you have got Dementia Praecox, that is a form of Insanity, what Colors do you use to make yourself normal?

Ghadiali's Witness:  Well, you use -I will say what I did use.  I used Green to the Head of this patient and I used Lemon all over his Boody. All of these patients have lived on a diet which makes them overacid and Lemon is an Antacid or an Alkali.

Prosecutor:  Lemon Color?

Ghadiali's Witness: Yes, sir and that will so affect the system that it will reduce the Acidity.

We know today, and it was known in Ghadiali's day and before that colors can influence mind and mood; interior decorators used color for mood every day.  Ghadiali, however, claimed much greater power and specific effect for his colored light cure than science can justify. TOP PHOTO: Spectro-Chrome from the files of the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices.  BOTTOM PHOTO: A museum visitor tests the Spectro-chrome, July 2000.  Photo by Laura Koehn; used with permission.

See Light Therapy: Dinshah P. Ghadiali and the Spectro-Chrome and Colorful Nonsense: Dinshah Ghadiali and His Spectro-Chrome Device by Joe Schwarcz, Ph.D.

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