The Dr. Bell Electro Appliance


Dr. Bell's Electro Appliance (8K)

An electric belt with electricity

Unlike most electric belts, the Dr. Bell Electro Appliance contained electricity.  Batteries attached by "thumb screw connections on both ends" were affixed to the outside of the belt.   This device cured nervous trouble, stomach, kidney, liver, sexual debility, rheumatism, and bowel or bladder weakness.

Dr. Bell's Belts in four sizes (5K)

     The No. 2 is our mildest power Appliance, and is de-
signed for mild troubles only that have not lasted long...
We furnish one attachment free making the Appliance com-
plete. The two batteries are regular power dry cells.
Price No. 2 Dr. Bell Electro Appliance Complete $10.00
The No. 4 has four regular power batteries...
     This appliance is for Sexual Debility, Nerve Troubles,
Stomach kidney, Liver, Bowel or Bladder weakness, Rheumatism
and other congested or weakened conditions of the system...
Price No. 4 Dr. Bell Electro Appliance Complete $20.00
The No. 5 Electro Appliance is designed for severe
and chronic cases...
     Its power is adapted for long lasting cases of Sexual
Weakness, Nervous Debility, Indigestion, Severe Kidney,
Liver, or Bowel Complaint, Prostatic or Bladder
Trouble, Chronic Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, Vari-
coccle or Broken Veins, and all such troubles caused by
poor circulation, weakness of any organ, or from a
clogged or congested condition.
Price No. 5 Dr. Bell Electro Appliance Complete $40.00,
     The No. 6 Dr. Bell Electro Appliance has about three
times the volume of current of the No. 4 - enough to dis-
tribute over the whole body. Its double power batteries
give a powerful and constant current, yet the feeling is
so modified that even a child could wear it...
     For any bad case of Sexual or Nervous Debility
Rheumatism in its various forms, Chronic Sciatica, or
Troubles, Liver Complaint or any breakdown of the
system where a vast amount of energy is an advantage-
this Appliance has the power to produce positive and
prompt results...
Price No. 6 Dr. Bell Electro Appliance Complete $60.00

How did it allegedly cure?

"...Body Batteries does two things:   1st. It strengthens weakened nerves.   2nd. It increases the blood circulation-especially in the direction that the current flows.   Every organ is controlled by nerves, and the nerve energy that operates each organ is electricity.  It is the life of the body, the power that runs the human machine.  A cure accomplished by Electricity is a permanent cure...The people who report satisfactory results are not all mistaken.  It does the work for them-it will do as much as you."

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