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MIOXRLS Electric Belts

Mioxrls Electric Belts (7K)At the turn of the century,Electric Appliance distributed 14 models of MIOXRLS Electric belts. Prices ranged from $19.20 to $72.00 per dozen. Electricity was allegedly generated from copper disks (called batteries) and conducted through wires to nickel disks (called electrodes). The belt fabric was wool or satin. Accessories included Long Conducting Cords, Head Bands (with or without copper "battery"), Leg Attachments, and felt Electrode Covers. The "Low Priced Electric Belts," $2.20 to $5.40 per dozen, needed to be "charged with Cider Vinegar or Battery Acid." In fact, none of the belts distributed by Electric Appliance were electric.

Price List: Voltaic Electric Belts and Appliances

Phrases like "Voltaic Galvanic Principle" may have sounded high tech in 1907 but the so-called electricity in the products below was generated by "Secretion from the body" (sweat and oil) "Coming in Contact with the Metal" (nickel). Despite the lack of electricity in these products, Electric Appliance promised its distributors a 1000% profit!

Price List (6K)

Battery Box, Morse Foradic Battery, 1907

Morse Battery Box with Foot Plate (9K)
[large image 34K]

Electric Insoles and Inhalers

Electric Inhaler (6K)
Inhaler small size, nickel plate screw, bexel top...............Per dozen....$1.20
Inhaler large size, nickel plate screw, bexel top...............Per dozen......1.50

Electric Insole (7K)

Voltaic Electric Insoles, Style No. 1...............................Per dozen......2.40
Voltaic Electric Insoles, Style No. 2 Best Grade............Per dozen......2.20
Men's sizes 6-10, Women's 2-7, or any size desired

Trusting to be favored with a trial orders, we are
                                   Yours Respectfully

The Electric Appliance Company

                 Burlington Kansas

Graphics from the Electric Appliance Co.,"Latest Wholesale Price List on Electric Belts, Insoles, Inhalers, Batteries and Appliances" pamphlet, ca. 1907, 4 pp. From the American Medical Association Historical Health Fraud and Alternative Medicine Collection.

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